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I want to create a set of elements out from an array of ids so that it can be used as a jquery receiver. For example, if I have ids: id1, id2, id3, how can I turn this into a jquery selector so that the corresponding elements appear in this order? Supposing what I want is theJquerySelector, I then would like to apply a jquery operation like this:


where $(...) is another jquery selector irrelevant to the question.

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You could use Arrays join() method as such;

$('#' + yourArrayOfIds.join(', #')).appendTo($(/* */));

A more jQuery-esque way would be to either write a utility function to do this for you on the jQuery object (and then call it a "plugin"), or to add classes to the relevant elements and select via that.

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You can use ^ to select attributes that start with a string.


To sort them first

$($("[id^=id]").toArray().sort(function(a, b) { a.id - b.id } )).appendTo()

It seems you have to rewrap the result of sort to get a jQuery object, not sure why.

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