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How do I calculate a subtract function from a date field using the functions in Cognos 8 Report/Event studio?

I have credential expiration dates and I need to set an alert in Event Studio to let managers know when someone's credentials are 90 days from expiring. Some dates are in 2012,2013,and 2014.

I can't seem to make the system tools subtract on dates.

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If your field is actual date field you can use the following expression:

_add_days ([Date],-90)

Here how its looks like in Report Studio:enter image description here

And the results:
enter image description here

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You can try [Credential Exp Date] - current_date <= 90

(REQUIRED: the credential exp date is a DATE field, or else you will need to convert that into a date using something like to_date(...) )

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I think Ran's way should be the right way unless you want to use this function: _add_months

 _add_months ([Date],-3)
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