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This is kind of a generic question , I hope it would be taken in the right spirit . I am a complete noob at solr trying to build my very first application with it . I want to confirm the approach I have considered for it , please feel free to suggest additions and subtractions :

1) DIH - Figure out what all data is to be indexed , this should include data which would be queried and meta data (if any) . Figure out the volatile nature of each data along with how cron tasks will update and delete the same . Build a strategy for delta/partial imports around this knowledge .

2) Schema - Arrange the data . Also arrange the meta data where required . Process where required using analyzers , set up query analyzers wherever applicable .

3) Query Tuning - Start testing the sample data , to further fine tune the application .

4) Add Synonyms and test the same .

5) Faceting

6) Suggestions in search boxes (ajax) served only for items indexed .

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If you starting new you should probably just focus to basic indexing and get the data searchable.

  • Start with a standalone setup of Solr.
  • Indexing of Data - depends upon the data you have. DB (DIH), Rich Documents (Extratc Handler), Web pages (With Nutch) ...
  • Configuration of Schema.xml
    • What fields you need to configure
    • What purpose (display, search, facet, highlight ...)
    • What analysis you want to preform on the fields ?
    • You can apply stopwords, ascii filters, stemmers, synonyms step by step.
  • Configuration of solrconfig.xml
    • How you want the search to behave.
    • What fields you want the search on ? Multiple fields ?
    • What parser you want to use for search Standard ? Dismax ? EDismax ?
  • Faceting, Filtering, Sorting and highlighting is enabled on the fields if properly configured and just needs proper creation of Queries

  • Advanced :-

    • Search Relevancy tuning
    • Solr setup - Advanced you can check if you need Multicore step, Master/Slave Configuration, Distributed search, Solr Cloud
    • Indexing time performance tuning
    • Query time performance tuning
    • Autosuggestions, Did you mean and other features are available from solr or can be easily build from Application side.
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