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I am trying to add a custom Headers -> e1 HttpContext.Current.Response.AddHeader("e1","example of an exception"); to HTTP response in Page_Load method which works fine as I checked it in chrome developer tools.


The problem is if I am trying to write the same response using : HttpContext.Current.Response.Write(HttpContext.Current.Response.Headers["ALL_HTTP"].ToString()); it causes an PlatformNotSupportedException : This operation requires IIS integrated pipeline mode.

So the main question is how to read the added response header given I am using the inbuilt VS development server?
And it would be great if you can suggest some articles or book to know about properly using HTTP headers and verbs.

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If you want to write that variable directly to the response then you can simply call this in your Page_Load. This will avoid the IIS integrated pipeline mode requirement.


For learning I would concentrate on learning about HTTP and REST.

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