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MovableType 5.2 has builtin PSGI support (via a mt.psgi in the main directory) and I've been trying to take advantage of it using starman/plackup.

Starman w/ MT fires up, but I get odd Not Founds and a silent hang & fail when I run mt-upgrade.cgi.

How I am running starman:

cd /home/ec2-user/mysite/perl/components/movabletype
plackup -s Starman --port 8045 --error-log /home/ec2-user/mysite/perl/logs/starman.log --pid /home/ec2-user/mysite/perl/var/starman.pid -a mt.psgi

Mystery 1: My browser returns "Not Found" for index.html, but mt-static and mt.cgi is reachable.

X http://mysite:8045/mt/index.html ... Not Found 
✓ http://mysite:8045/mt-static ... listing of static assets 
✓ http://mysite:8045/mt/mt.cgi ... redirects to ... 
X http://mysite:8045/mt/mt-upgrade.cgi?__mode=install ... fails

Mystery 2: Due to the redirect I believe that MT code is running. But it is mostly silent in the starman log even though I have tried different MT debug options. Worse, the mt-upgrade.cgi seems to be reached then fails with this lone message to the starman log:

[mypid] Bootstrap CGI script in non-buffering mode: /home/ec2-user/mysite/perl/components/movabletype/mt-upgrade.cgi

This non-buffering message seems informational and normal, and is coming from the MT codebase.

I have also run directly under starman and get the same result.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated!



linux AMI on an amazon ec2.

perl-5.16.0 under perlbrew.

CPAN modules:

cpanm starman
cpanm CGI::PSGI
cpanm CGI::Parse::PSGI
cpanm CGI::Compile
yum install expat-devel
cpanm XML::Parser
cpanm SOAP::Lite
cpanm SOAP::Transport::HTTP
cpanm XMLRPC::Transport::HTTP::Plack
cpanm DBI
sudo yum install postgresql9-devel
cpanm DBD::Pg
cpanm Task::Plack

MT config:

CGIPath    http://mysite:8045/mt

StaticWebPath    http://mysite:8045/mt-static

PIDFilePath /home/ec2-user/mysite/perl/var/starman.pid

DebugMode 1

ObjectDriver DBI::postgres
Database db
DBUser dbuser
DBPassword dbpass
DBHost dbhost.mysite
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I don't know if the StaticFilePath config directive is important for this, but I know it is for some things. –  Dan Wolfgang Dec 4 '12 at 13:25

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I'm Yuji Takayama, lead engineer of Movable Type. I did try to reproduce your steps but I was not able to reproduce this. (this means I got initial install screen)

So, Can you try with mysql? also can you try "tools/upgrade" script? I think you can get error messages when some errors occurs.

ex.) cd MT_HOME; perl -Ilib -Iextlib tools/upgrade --username --password --nickname --email --preferred_language --site_name --site_url --site_path --site_theme --site_timezone

And, I have answer about "index.html was not found".

Reason: MT will never mount MT_HOME as static files directory like a mt_static, because we think that MT_HOME must not be possible to list.

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Thanks Yuji! I have since moved on to a custom solution but I do think that mysql is the best option for MT and WordPress. –  Jamie Pitts Apr 13 '13 at 0:48

If you are trying to run Movable Type under Starman, I would seriously recommend running the upgrade script that comes with Movable Type using the command-line equivalent of your choice. There is no good reason for mt-upgrade.cgi to become persistent in the manner that Starman and Plack permit.

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Try to change your paths in mt-config.cgi to relative paths, not URLs. Like so:

CGIPath /mt/
StaticWebPath /mt-static/

Just curious: although it does work now, are you aware that PG isn't supported and that you're taking a risk that a future version of MT might break with it?

P.S. also don't forget the PIDFilePath directive mentioned in the documentation.

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I tried these 2 changes and they did not change the bad behaviors outlined in the question. I did forgot to show the PIDFilePath config, just added it to the question. I'm definitely thinking about the postgres risk, I need to use though as I want to use its queryable json datatype. If there is no clear solution soon, I'll try mysql out too to make sure. –  Jamie Pitts Dec 3 '12 at 23:58
Thanks for the response @francois-nonnenmacher... So I just tried it with a DBI::sqlite MT config. Result: same set of behaviors as postgres, but a sqlite db file was created with zero-length. –  Jamie Pitts Dec 4 '12 at 3:45
I remember having the same issue at first but then it worked (something about permission settings and cd'ing to the MT directory before running Plack, which you seem to do). I didn't perform an upgrade though, you might want to make a quick test starting with a fresh install just to see if that setting works (getting the upgrade script out of the equation). –  François Nonnenmacher Dec 4 '12 at 9:40
After unzipping MT again and trying this out with both the postgres and the sqlite configs, it still failed but took several seconds longer in the hang. Then this message, 4 times, in the starman.log: [pid] Bootstrap CGI script in non-buffering mode... at least something new! –  Jamie Pitts Dec 4 '12 at 17:33

BTW, a 404 on http://mysite:8045/mt/index.html looks quite normal. You're not supposed to have your site index at the same level than MT (you could, but that's not the recommended setup and it won't work in a stock MT install that assumes that MT and the produced sites are clearly separated).

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Definitely agree about the separation of what is generated and mt itself. I thought it was odd to get the 404 because there is an index.html in the movabletype directory (this is an intro page to get new UI-based install started). But I have not dig into what is happening in terms of configuring psgi enough in the mt code base... –  Jamie Pitts Dec 4 '12 at 17:26

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