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I'm using Dojo 1.7 and I have a problem with the dojox/grid/DataGrid and dojox/data/CsvStore. I want to create a dojo DataGrid that responds to text input from the user. The user would type in something that is in CSV format into the text area and the CsvStore would read that data and feed it to the DataGrid but I have a few problems and questions.

  1. CsvStore doesn't always load on time. That is, the _loadFinished property isn't always true when it is time to feed it to the DataGrid. Do I have to use Deferred or something? This object has no event properties as I had hoped.

  2. It seems that DataGrid must absolutely have to have the structure property declared. I'm not sure if this is true can someone please tell me? Is there a way to bypass this? Because if not this leads to my third problem.

  3. If I need to declare my DataGrid structure/layout, I need to know the fieldnames which I need to extract from CsvStore since I have no idea what my data looks like. I'm not sure how to do this because I can't call the internal _attributes property that holds the field names. It seems to me that my best bet is using the getAttributes(item) method but I don't know what item is and according to the documentation, this valuable is required.

Thanks for all your time.

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So for anyone interested, this is how I fixed the issue.

  1. Apparently CsvStore and all of the Dojo stores don't use their primary method _processData unless called by some other widget such as the Grid so it belongs on the same thread.

  2. DataGrid must have a structure which is bizarre. I think it should be optional

  3. There was no way to retrieve those fieldnames. I had to use string manipulation (sad-face). Maybe I'm wrong, hopefully someone can tell me how.

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