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I have a QT app, and I'm using native menus on OSX. I have custom-drawn menu items, which I created by attaching my own NSView-derived class to the NSMenuItems that I want to draw specially. This all works fine; the menu items draw right and activate the menu function correctly. However, after activating the menu function, the menu doesn't go away -- it's still tracking the mouse movement. (The cursor still highlights items) I've spent days googling for answers, and I haven't seen a similar problem elsewhere. My NSView class is simple; I've overridden the "rect" class for drawing, and my mouseUp event is here:

-(void)mouseUp:(NSEvent *)theEvent
    NSMenuItem* item = [self enclosingMenuItem];
    if ( item != nil ){
        NSMenu *menu = [item menu];
        if ( menu != nil ){
            [menu cancelTracking];
            [NSApp sendAction:[item action] to:[item target] from:item];

I've also tried using "cancelTrackingWithoutAnimation", and I've tried calling cancelTracking on the parent menuBar. Can anyone tell me under what circumstances "cancelTracking" might fail? I'm not sure what to try next. Thanks.

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Its too late but I also faced the same issue and fixed it by using carbon API CancelMenuTracking(),

  MenuRef   inRootMenu,
  Boolean   inImmediate,
  UInt32    inDismissalReason)  

Used _NSGetCarbonMenu to get the menuref of NSMenu.

menuRef = _NSGetCarbonMenu(myMenu);

CancelMenuTracking(menuRef,YES,kHIMenuDismissedByCancelMenuTracking); for 10.5 and CancelMenuTracking(menuRef,YES,0); for 10.6 and above

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