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Before trying to build something, I would like to determine if it is possible.

Start with a text area which can be pre-populated with text and which the user can add/delete text. Now, There are some small elements to the side. They can either be images or HTML elements such as a button or anchor links, whatever is easier. The user can drag an elements into the text area, and it will be inserted at the mouse cursor location and take up text space by pushing the existing text around it (the nearby element will also remain so the user can drop a second). The elements will remain as an element which can later be dragged elsewhere in the document or outside of the view port in which it will be removed. When the elements are positioned as desired, the location of the elements can be identified through some means (regex, dom, etc) so that they can be replaced with different content.

Line breaks will be needed. Ideally, it will work with jQuery and IE7+, however, the IE7 desire might need to be changed.

I’ve come across the following which are close but not quite.

If you think it could be built and you have suggestions where I should start, please advise.

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This is highly complex. Start with a complex framework: Also, IE7 use is below 1% but may end up adding 20% to your costs. –  Diodeus Dec 3 '12 at 22:22
@Diodeus. I was afraid it would be highly complex. Would it be much less complex if it would supported IE9+? I can easily create a functional but less user friendly version for older browsers. –  user1032531 Dec 4 '12 at 0:04

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