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I'm looking at some code from EcmaScript.NET and in particular, I'm looking at the definitions in FunctionNode.cs. They've provided a relatively descriptive comment above the definitions, but I'm not sure what would my example below qualify as:

/// <summary>
/// There are three types of functions that can be defined. The first
/// is a function statement. This is a function appearing as a top-level
/// statement (i.e., not nested inside some other statement) in either a
/// script or a function.
/// The second is a function expression, which is a function appearing in
/// an expression except for the third type, which is...
/// The third type is a function expression where the expression is the
/// top-level expression in an expression statement.
/// The three types of functions have different treatment and must be
/// distinquished.
/// </summary>
public const int FUNCTION_STATEMENT = 1;
public const int FUNCTION_EXPRESSION = 2;

Here is what I'm roughly seeing:

(function(){document.write("The name is Bond, ")})(),
(function(){document.write("James Bond.")})()



I guess my question is about the role of the comma:

// Expression
(function(){ document.write('Expression1<br>'); })();
(function(){ document.write('Expression2<br>'); })();

// Expression
var showAlert=function(){ document.write('Expression3<br>'); };

// Declaration
function doAlert(){ document.write('Declaration<br>'); }

// What about this?
(function(){ document.write('What about'); })(), // <-- Note the comma
(function(){ document.write(' this?<br>'); })();

// And now this? 
var a = ((function(){ return 1; })(), // <-- Again, a comma
(function(){ return 2; })());
document.write("And now this? a = " + a);

What are the last two? Expressions or Expression Statements?

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Probably more information than you want is available here: dmitrysoshnikov.com/ecmascript/chapter-5-functions – apsillers Dec 3 '12 at 21:59
This can help you. – The Alpha Dec 3 '12 at 22:52
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Don't know about EcmaScript.NET, but from my understanding all those functions are function expressions. They are part of a IIFE-invocation, which again is part of a comma-operator expression - in no way "top-level".

I'd say that the third type are function statements where they are not allowed syntactically, like

if (false) {
    function doSomething() {…}

Check out Kangax' famous article about named function expressions, where their behaviour across engines is summed up (e.g. Gecko's function statements).

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