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I am wondering what the best way to read from a file that is currently open for writing.

The program handles read / write requests.

In the program, a PrintWriter is used to write to the file.

PrintWriter serverLog = new PrintWriter(new FileWriter("server"+processID+".log"));
serverLog.println("arbitrary text");

I have a function that is accessed that needs to read from the file. No writes will be performed when I need to access the file for reading.

Using the Scanner or BufferedReader methods for reading don't appear to work. The only option I can think of is to close the PrintWriter, read the file, and then re-open the PrintWriter with 'append' mode, but that seems like a very poor option.

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'That seems like a very poor option'. It's a very poor design altogether. This is a job for a database. – EJP Dec 3 '12 at 23:50

Consider This class can both read and write from an open file. Not very convenient to read / write text though.

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I think you can't perform two modes(read and write) at the same time.

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