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I try to making a wrapping function around fscanf but didn't understand why it didn't work,

char name[255] = {0};
fscanf(inFile, "%s", &name);   // This work fine

but when I do this

int WrapFScanF(File* inFile, const char* format, ...) {

    int rv;
va_list args;

va_start(args, fmt);
rv = fscanf(file, fmt, args);

return rv;

char name[255] = {0};
WrapFScanF(inFile, "%s", &name);   // This work fine

It didn't work. Any ideas? Thanks!

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You really want to read about vfscanf() . Use it instead of fscanf() when you have a va_list as va_list cannot be used like that.

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Thanks, but under VS2008, it seems it didn't support vfscanf(). –  NachoChip Dec 5 '12 at 1:28
@NachoChip: You are right, and that's unfortunate. v*scanf() functions are C99, and MS will not support it any time soon. Citing a MS speaker: we recommend that you consider using a different compiler such as Intel or gcc –  rodrigo Dec 5 '12 at 14:21
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