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I have an exception being thrown from a C# method, that takes a generic list as a paremeter.

private static void DoWork(List<ClassName> a)

When it throws an exception, the stack trace shows an `1 instead of the class name for the list. Why is this? This is what the stack trace has.

at DoWork(List`1 a).
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The reason why is that the stack trace is generated by the CLR and not C#. Hence it uses CLR type names vs. C# type names.

The type names given to generic types in metadata (in both C# and VB.Net) have the form TypeName`Number where

  • TypeName: Name of the type in the abscence of generic parameters
  • Number: Count of generic parameters on the type

This is also why it's legal to have several generic classes which the same name but differing numbers of generic parameters. At a CLR level they have different type names.

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@Jared, heh, we both added the extra details at the same time. :o –  Sam Harwell Sep 2 '09 at 18:19

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