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I've got about a dozen servers that each have crontabs with anywhere from 20-50 crontab entries. My single most common cause of a process failure is someone commenting out jobs in cron during a fix or patch and then forgetting to uncomment the jobs.

I'd like to do two things to solve this:

  1. Start using our schedule suppression process that allows users to suppress schedules without actually touching crontab. Nothing magical - just touch a file in a directory dedicated to the process. The process checks that directory on start-up.
  2. Implement a process that will send out alerts if crontab doesn't match its backup or current version in svn.

Can anyone recommend an existing solution for #2 (alert when crontab changes)?

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In this case i would suggest to compare hashvalues of the file you want to have and the actual file.

Just write a little bashscript that sends out a emailnotification or creates a notification file or whatever you want and let this script be run automatically every x seconds / minutes / hours.

A possible script could be

if [[ $(md5sum path/to/crontab.backup | cut -d' ' -f1) == $(md5sum /etc/crontab | cut -d' ' -f1) ]]
    # send your notification

This is a very simple solution to check if a file was changed since the last backup was made.

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Thanks, I had considered this implementation. I'm assuming it should run a diff, not md5sum; run from root to avoid losing its check if crontab is deleted; and should be able to pull from svn/cvs/git/etc. But I'd prefer a really solid tool just in case I'm overlooking any other helpful functionality here. – KenFar Dec 4 '12 at 1:15
Perhaps you could use the inotify system that is available since kernel 2.6.13. See infoq.com/articles/inotify-linux-file-system-event-monitoring – sge Dec 4 '12 at 12:02
I hadn't considered inotify - that's an interesting idea. But in this case I don't have performance or accuracy concerns - a diff of a crontab won't be a challenge. I think diffing against an entry in svn is probably my best bet. – KenFar Dec 10 '12 at 16:30

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