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I am trying to do

  call script.bat > script.log

But it does not display result in the console. So currently I have to do

 call script.bat
 call script.bat > script.log

which is really inefficient.

Is there a way to both display output to the console and output it to log file? I know one of the option is

call script.bat > script.log
type script.log

But that doesn't really work if script.bat is only one of the step in a long batch process, I would like to see the output for each step as it is being called instead of one execution of type at the end of all of the calls.

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You can't.

Option 1:

call "script.bat" > "script.log" | type "script.log"

Option 2:


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If you work with the windows Power-Shell (as i assume of the windows tag) there is a cmdlet called Tee-Object.

help Tee-Object


    Saves command output in a file or variable and displays it in the console.

Under Unix there is the programm tee that provides the same functionality.

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only on the basic Win XP cmd for now. But thanks for letting me know about Power-Shell – ttback Dec 3 '12 at 23:23
In this case you could use 3rd party programms. Within the tools you find under you find a native win32 port of unix tee. – Lorunification Dec 3 '12 at 23:31

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