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Bit of a wordpress amateur here.

I am creating a theme. On the home page there will be 2 sections...

  1. Latest post excerpt (I know how to do this!)

  2. An 'About us' section - paragraph of text which I would like the client to be able to edit in the admin section, so not hard-coded. How can I create the code for this?

I am thinking of creating a page in the admin, then use PHP includes on the home page to display that page, but I don't think this is the best way.

Any help would be great.


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Here you have used the best plugin ever in Wordpress Advance Custom fields plugin:

Install in your Wordpress site.

Create a group for specific page.

Here you can create a specific block for specific page like home page, About us Page etc from admin side.


Get this value in home page and display it.

Note: Please read the description and see the screen shot of this plugin

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Thanks for this – Adam Dec 4 '12 at 20:40

Quick and dirty..

$content = get_posts(array('post_type'=>'page'));
foreach ($content as $post):
    if ($post->ID == 6) {

Replace 6 with the ID of your About page. It's not an elegant solution, but it'll do the job.

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