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I'm building web app for warehouse, where most inputs are filled in by barcode scanner, so I don't want mobile soft keyboard to appear as it just eats the screen space. I've found recommendations to use 'readonly' attribute for input fields, but it won't work (at least, as far as I understand) in my case, since I need to redirect barcode input to some textfield, anyways. Any ideas, guys?

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Is using UILabel an option? That way you can display data, and the user know's they are uneditable. – Adam Johnson Dec 3 '12 at 23:34

Readonly SHOULD work - it simply specifies that a text field cannot be edited by the user, but doesn't prevent the application itself from changing the text content.

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Our solution was to purchase barcode scanner which has separate button to hide/show this keyboard. (It turned out that most of bluetooth wearable scanners can do that)

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