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I have a numpy array of string data, and I am currently extracting a subset of it with data_subset = original_data[:, [1, 3, 8]]. However, I want one of the columns in my data subset to be two columns of my original data combined, joined with a space.

An example of the combination I'm thinking of would be the following. I have 2 columns representing first and last names. As example example data, a row would have John in column 3 and Smith in column 4, but in my new data I want a single column John Smith. Is there a nice numpy function to perform such a join?

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I'd recommend using the pandas library instead of numpy here -- using numpy arrays for strings is usually more trouble than it's worth. OTOH, what you want is very straightforward in pandas:

>>> from pandas import DataFrame
>>> df = DataFrame({"first": ["John", "Jane"], "last": ["Smith", "Jones"]})
>>> df
  first   last
0  John  Smith
1  Jane  Jones
>>> df["first"] + " " + df["last"]
0    John Smith
1    Jane Jones

If you absolutely want to use numpy, though, you can do what you want if you change the dtype to object:

>>> import numpy as np
>>> a = np.array([["John", "Smith"], ["Jane", "Jones"]])
>>> a = a.astype(object)
>>> a[:,0] += " " + a[:,1]
>>> a = a[:,:1]
>>> a
array([[John Smith],
       [Jane Jones]], dtype=object)
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You can use standard Python to do the joining, something like this should work :

data_subset = original_data[:, [1, 3]]
data_subset[:, 1] += " " + original_data[:, 8]
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Are you sure? This returns an error for me. TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'numpy.ndarray' objects –  Chris Dec 4 '12 at 5:17

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