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I want to mix standard HTML and Markdown. I have a paragraph written with Markdown, followed by an HTML <span> element.

The problem is: if I don't put return after the paragraph: the <span> will be immediately after the text within the paragraph's <p> tag:

<p>Some text
<span>My span</span>

However if I do put return after the paragraph (written in Markdown), the <span> alone will be wrapped around in <p> tags, like so:

<p>Some text</p>
<p><span>My span</span></p>

What I want is simply this:

<p>Some text</p><span>My span</span>

Sorry if I am overlooking something very obvious, I'm very tired. Thanks!

(I'm using Kramdown for conversion if that's any help)

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Nevermind, I've figured it out! :) So, in Kramdown, you can use some kind of an escape, that prevent parsing what's inside, but you have to be careful to leave blank lines both before and after:

<p>Some text</p>  
<span>My Span</span>  
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