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I installed gitlab using its installation guide. Everything was OK, but when I open localhost:80 in the browser all I see it the message Welcome to nginx!. I can't find any log file with any errors in it.

I am running Ubuntu in VirtualBox. My /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/gitlab config file reads:

# Maintainer: @randx
# App Version: 3.0

upstream gitlab {
  server unix:/home/gitlab/gitlab/tmp/sockets/gitlab.socket;

server {
  listen;         # e.g., listen;
  server_name aridev-VirtualBox;     # e.g., server_name;
  root /home/gitlab/gitlab/public;

  # individual nginx logs for this gitlab vhost
  access_log  /var/log/nginx/gitlab_access.log;
  error_log   /var/log/nginx/gitlab_error.log;

  location / {
    # serve static files from defined root folder;.
    # @gitlab is a named location for the upstream fallback, see below
    try_files $uri $uri/index.html $uri.html @gitlab;

  # if a file, which is not found in the root folder is requested,
  # then the proxy pass the request to the upsteam (gitlab unicorn)
  location @gitlab {
    proxy_read_timeout 300; #
    proxy_connect_timeout 300; #
    proxy_redirect     off;

    proxy_set_header   X-Forwarded-Proto $scheme;
    proxy_set_header   Host              $http_host;
    proxy_set_header   X-Real-IP         $remote_addr;

    proxy_pass http://gitlab;
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Looks fairly similar to mine (…). Do you properly start GitLab services? ( – VonC Dec 4 '12 at 6:47
Did you manage to fix this? – Raffo Jul 9 '13 at 10:25
No sorry. A sysadmin started from scratch and nailed it over a few days. He found it painful to install, but that was quite an old version compared to today. – Synesso Jul 11 '13 at 0:10

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The nginx documentation says:

Server names are defined using the server_name directive and determine which server block is used for a given request. 

That means in your case that that you have to enter aridev-VirtualBox within your browser instead of localhost.

To get this working you have to enter aridev-VirtualBox within your local Hosts file and point it to the IP of your VirtualBox PC.

This would look something like follows: aridev-VirtualBox
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I removed /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default to get rid of that problem.

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No dice, sorry. Resulted in "Bad gateway" after nginx restart. – Synesso Dec 5 '12 at 0:17
this will work for people on ubuntu 13.04 who installed nginx from apt-get. – Sunny Juneja Dec 6 '13 at 5:33
works for me in Ubuntu 13.10 – Dirk Conrad Coetsee Apr 4 '14 at 12:04

Your configuration file is right. # /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/gitlab

Maybe I think your gitlab file link is wrong.

So Example:

ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/default /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/gitlab

pls check default content == your /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/gitlab content


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Me I changed this line :

proxy_pass http://gitlab;

by this :

proxy_pass http://localhost:3000;

3000 is the port of my unicorn server.

moreover I did a chown root:ngnix on the conf file and it work now.

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Try following both orkoden's advice of removing the default site from /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ but also comment out your listen line since the default implied line there should be sufficient.

Also, make sure that when you make changes to these configurations, shut down both the gitlab and nginx services and start them in the order of gitlab first, followed by nginx.

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