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How to mock this call in RSpec?

require 'open-uri'
class FileFoo < ActiveRecord::Base
  def download image_url
    open("tmp/#{file}", 'wb') do |file|
      file << open(image_url).read

Tried mocking, but this did not work because I am using the downloaded file, not the return value.

Changed code to file <<, and used the following:

Kernel.stub_chain(:open, :read).and_return( image_fixture)

This works fine, but is there a way to mock, without calling Kernel explicitly?

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Often times I think that a better test in this situation is not to mock specific filesystem calls, but instead stub out the filesystem with a gem like fakefs.

I talk more about it a blog post called Fake It!.

The idea is that stubbing specific filesystem calls is quite brittle, but writing to the actual filesystem is not necessarily desirable in a unit test either. Something like fakefs is a nice happy medium a lot of the time.

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I think this is difficult because the design of the method download is poor. It is doing 2 things:

  1. Fetching the file via HTTP
  2. Saving it to disk

These separate functions should both be tested, and the first should be mocked. I don't see any reason to mock the filesystem because saving the file (which is small) is fast and easily tested.

If the method were broken into 2 methods, then:

  1. fetch with http would return the file.
  2. save file would save it.

This approach makes the mocking and testing simple.

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