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I am using Node.js with Helenus to connect to a Cassandra DB.

I have a query: SELECT score FROM team_scores WHERE team_name = 'foo'

When run from cqlsh, I get results that look like this:


I then move the query over to Node and Helenus using cqlVersion 3.0.0. When I run this code:

pool.cql("SELECT score FROM team_scores WHERE team_name = 'foo'", function(err, results){

The console reports:

[ <Row: Key: 'foo', ColumnCount: 1, Columns: [ 'score' ]> ]

What am I missing to get Helenus to return me the actual value of score rather than whatever it seems to be returning?

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results is actually a list of row objects. You are probably seeing the result of a toString implementation.

Here is some good code to log out the results of a select:

  //all row of result
    //all column of row


you can read more at the helenus github. See the stuff on the bottom about the row object.

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  var score = row.get('score').value;
  console.log(score); //will give you 10
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