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I have C# / XAML win store app which receives various data from json. one piece of it - html string.

I display that string using WebView.NavigateToString

However I don't see how can I style it. Normally I would use blend to get default style and then edit it. But Blend doesn't let me style WebView.

I ended up wrapping the json html into

<body style='background-color:black;color:white' />

but this approach doesn't let me use theming which the rest of the application does.

What is the 'proper' way to style and / or format content of the WebView?

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Another solution is making a WebViewContentHelper (or so) class. You may pass the theme and style the CSS according to that. For example:

string content = WebViewContentHelper.WrapHtml(originalHtmlString, backGroundColor, webView.ActualHeight);

You can adapt this class that already copies the Font styling from Windows 8 and gives you horizontal scrolling, also arranges content in columns, just as ItemDetails Template:

class WebContentHelper
    public static string HtmlHeader(double viewportWidth, double height) //adapt parametres
        var head = new StringBuilder();

        head.Append("<meta name=\"viewport\" content=\"initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, user-scalable=0\"/>");
        head.Append("<script type=\"text/javascript\">"+
            " = 'vertical-to-horizontal';"+
            "</script>"); //horizontal scrolling
        //head.Append("<meta name=\"viewport\" content=\"width=720px\">");
        head.Append("html { -ms-text-size-adjust:150%;}");
        head.Append(string.Format("h2{{font-size: 48px}} "+
        "body {{background:white;color:black;font-family:'Segoe UI';font-size:18px;margin:0;padding:0;display: block;"+
        "height: 100%;"+
        "overflow-x: scroll;"+
        "position: relative;"+
        "width: 100%;"+
        "z-index: 0;}}"+
        "article{{column-fill: auto;column-gap: 80px;column-width: 500px; column-height:100%; height:630px;"+
        "img,p.object,iframe {{ max-width:100%; height:auto }}"));
        head.Append(string.Format("a {{color:blue}}"));

        // head.Append(NotifyScript);
        return head.ToString();
    public static string WrapHtml(string htmlSubString, double viewportWidth, double height)
        var html = new StringBuilder();
        html.Append("<body><article class=\"content\">");
        return html.ToString();
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You cannot style/extend webview apparently, Webview is not a derivative of control subclass (it does not have a control template) and is rather hosted in its own HWND. You are probably better off using webviewbrush. See this sample

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I saw webviewbrush but it says the purpose is to have other controls on top of html content.... can you effectively style webviewbrush ? can you style webviewbrush html content from xaml prospective? – Boppity Bop Dec 4 '12 at 14:07

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