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So I've got Ubuntu 11.04 on my HP, but recently I've also installed Win7 and it works with no problems. The thing is that I've got addition 290GB free space (un-partitioned space) and I'd like to create another partition for Win. When I try to create a new partition with "Disk Management" it says "...disk contains maximum number of partitions". Currently Ubuntu is using 3 partitions and Win7 one partition which is 4. I searched the web, and found a solution - to convert disk to dynamic. Ok, I'm not a wizard when these things are around me, thus to be honest, I'm a bit unsure what to do, as I don't know how the changes will affect on Ubuntu.

Also, just in a short notices why and why not to convert to dynamic ?

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The thing here is you have installed ubuntu first and then win7.
But What i was supposed to do with this problem occured to me also is as follows:

1) Firstly i was supposed to install win7 for the first time.
2) After that I have partitioned drives in disk management as many as i wanted
3) And after i have installed ubuntu then it asked memory to install ubutnu. Now I have given some memory for ubuntu.

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The thing is that I've just recently installed Win7. Before that used only Ubuntu for about a year or so. This thing is really annoying :S. Any suggestions ? – Vele. Dec 4 '12 at 16:37

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