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Currently i am working on heuristics and i want to approximate a solution for Minimum Graph Bisection Problem by using Tabu Search.Briefly in Minumum Graph bisection problem we have a graph G, we want to partitioning graph G into subset G1 and G2 which have equal number of nodes, G1 n G2 = 0 and the connection between G1 and G2 is minimum. http://tracer.lcc.uma.es/problems/bisect/bisect.htm

I try to find a way to representing an initial solution to use in Tabu Search. I have a few idea but i am not sure whether they are appropriate or not. My first idea is to having a list wich contains the edges between 2 subgraph. Another idea is keeping G1 and G2 subgraphs in list and changing the nodes between them to search the neighborhood. What do you think about that? Thanks for Advance!

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