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I have an issue in IE9 with IMG width, it can be seen here, http://ncms.us/ncms/admin/login the only issue I see is that I'm using ' instead of " for my tags because its within a PHP echo. The main picture up at the header is huge on IE (IE9+IE10 tested.) looks fine in everything but IE. Here is the code that is throwing IE off. I can see why, its very complex and nothing its seen before (-_- lol)

<img style='margin-top: -25px;' src='img/ncms_logo.png' width='300' height='250' />

Yay for IE!

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This may also be of interest. With regard to the use of max-width 100% on images with IE9. stackoverflow.com/questions/8645087/… –  Pebbl Dec 4 '12 at 1:56

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It looks like in your bootstrap.min.css there is a default class from img. that has the property width:auto;

If this is removed it will display properly in IE.

Additionally just adding

 width: 300px;

in your style along with the margin, will correct the issue.

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Thank you for guiding me in my blindfolded quest for IE fixes :P –  Necro. Dec 4 '12 at 2:01

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