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My app displays search results in a ListView and MapView within a ViewFlipper. The user can toggle between them with a 3D flip animation.

Today I updated to highly anticipated Google Maps Android API v2 and everything went smoothly, except my animation. I'm applying an android.view.animation.Animation to the view very similar to the 3d flip animation described here. Now the width is transformed, so the view of the Map expands from the center, but there is no skewed transformation, it is just flat.

Again, this worked with, but not the new version, Any suggestions?

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According to this issue the problem is that gmaps relies on SurfaceView to draw. And SurfaceView doesn't support view animations (See "Introducing TextureView").

--- UPDATE ----
Google fixed this issue on API 16:

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I faced the same issue my solution was use a ViewPager, in one child I had a ListFragment, and in the another child I had a FrameLayout with two childs, an ImageView and the SupportMapFragment. After and before of do the switch I bring up to front the ImageView, then I use the method snapshot(aCallback) to put a BitmapDrawable in the ImageView with that you shouldn't have any problem.

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