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I have returned a webpage through curl_exec into a string. I am trying to then replace all hyperlinks with the string javascript:void().

The regex expression that I have tested at http://regexhero.net/tester/ is


This works perfectly. When I try and use it in PHP with preg_replace(), I get the error : Unknown mofifier '['

Code snippet is

$pattern = "(?<=href=(".'"'."|'))[^".'"'."']+(?=(".'"'."|'))";
$replacement = "javascript:void();";
$result = preg_replace($pattern,$replacement,$result) ;

I also tried just escaping the string like

$pattern = "(?<=href=(\"|'))[^\"']+(?=(\"|'))";

I am scripting in a Win environment, but it is to go on LAMP.

Thanks for your input

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Is your regex too complicated? Can't you do href=["'](\s*?)['"] –  bozdoz Dec 4 '12 at 2:08

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You need to add delimiters to your pattern. In JavaScript these are the / before and after the pattern. You can use the same for PHP, but I like using ~ instead.

$pattern = "~(?<=href=(".'"'."|'))[^".'"'."']+(?=(".'"'."|'))~";
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Perfect :-) Thanks –  user643862 Dec 4 '12 at 2:12

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