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I am using a MVC framework, based on PHP

In my controller, I have the following functions :

public function listing($tag=null, $page=1)
    $this->posts('`online`=1', $tag, $page, '%s/%d/');

In the same file, I have 2 functions that collect datas from 2 MySQL tables, one for the locations :

private function locations($query)
    // Collect Locations
    $locations = new Locations('WHERE '.$query.' ORDER BY `name` ASC');
    $total_locations = $locations->count();

    // Template
    require Template::render('Posts', 'listing.html');

and another one for the posts :

private function posts($query, $tag, $page)
    // Collect Posts
    $posts = new Post('WHERE '.$query.' ORDER BY `date` DESC');
    $total_posts = $posts->count();
    $pages = ceil($total_posts/24);

        if($page < 1) $page = 1;
        if($page > $pages) $page = $pages;

        $min = $page - 4;
        $max = $page + 4;

        if($min < 1)
            $max += 1 - $min;
            $min = 1;

        if($max > $pages)
            $min += $pages - $max;          
            if($min < 1) $min = 1;          
            $max = $pages;

        $posts->query('LIMIT '.($page*24-24).',24');

    // Template
    require Template::render('Posts', 'listing.html');

In the public function (listing), when the first line is $this->posts... , it correctly display the Posts but doesn't display the Locations (it just display "Array".

If I put $this->locations... first, then it displays correctly the Loctions but not the Posts.

I don't show you more of the code since I believe it comes from a writting mistake in my listing function

How can I display both of the arrays ?

On my view page, I display locations/posts like that :

<?php while($location = $locations->fetch($i)): ?>
         <?php echo $location->title; ?>
<?php endwhile; ?>
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I think the problem is here

require Template::render('Posts', 'listing.html');

I don't now what these parameters means but my guess is that first one is name of variable in template and for both of them You set it as Posts.

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Nice catch but actually the first parameter is the name of the folder my_path/Posts/listing.html So they are both the same since I want the 2 arrays to display on the same page –  PhilMarc Dec 4 '12 at 2:18
Could You include source code of this file. –  Gustek Dec 4 '12 at 2:23
There's nothing else in this file except the <?php class Ads extends Controller { at the beginning –  PhilMarc Dec 4 '12 at 2:28
is pages displaying correctly if You call locations first? –  Gustek Dec 4 '12 at 2:34
Because You are rendering it twice from different methods and locations and posts are local variables. Move them to $this->post and $this->locations and call template from listing. –  Gustek Dec 4 '12 at 2:42
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Solved it by merging the 2 private functions together and just removing $this->locations('parent=1'); from the public function

The design was called 2 times, once with the locations and another time with the posts, since I called the template page 2 times.

The solution was simply to merge the 2 functions together !

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