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I am using the Graph API. When requestion the user's location, it returns a random id and their location, which is in the format of City, Province.

For examaple, for me, it returns: Toronto, Ontario.

Is it possible to request the country only? I know that I can use some geocoding APIs from google to decode it and find out the country, but is it possible to get it directly from fb

Here's my request path:
NSString *requestPath = @"me/ fields=first_name,last_name,location,gender,birthday,relationship_status,email";


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The country as a value by itself is only ever passed to Page Tabs & Canvas Apps through a signed_request. All other methods pass a location as defined by the user, which is to say, there's no guarantee it reflects their actual location. Just something to consider, depending on how you plan to use that info.

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