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I'm making a content displaying http application, and have a bunch of content data sources, like plain file, sqlite db file, and many more others.

It seems best to me to make a URI to easily identify data sources, like many great projects did(SQLAlchemy, zeromq, etc). It's really okay if I just use the classical URI format like sourcetype://blah/blah, But if I need some debug urls to just display contents(or metadata) of a data source, the debug url would be a mess because of using http url restricted characters.

So, I want:

A: a nice URI schema that can at least describe something like sqlite:///path/to/my/db with absolute file path AND do not use url escaped characters (that much)


B: a nice workaround converting sqlite:///path/to/my/db to be displayed in the browser

I don't expect any exact answer, but any advice is welcomed.

Thanks in advance!

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You could try breaking up your source url into it's components and supply them as either request parameters or encoded in the http url's path.

request parameters

encoded in path (assumes you are using limited url components)<scheme>/<netloc>/<path*>

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