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I try to create an Excel 2010 workbook project in Visual studio. I go into Visual Studio and Choose new project and choose Excel 2010 Workbook and then i just get a pop up that says "The project cannot be created" with no other info

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any suggestions why VS 2010 is not letting me create an Excel workbook project? (It does create an Excel addin project fine). This error message above is not very helpful. Given that the error message is not very helpful is there anyway to debug to get more information that would make this question easier to answer

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It is not really possible to a real answer since I don't have a way to reproduce what you describe... BUT one thing comes to mind: a workbook projects contains an XLS(X) file... perhaps VS needs Excel on the same machine to do that... do you have Excel installed on your VS machine ? –  Yahia Dec 9 '12 at 15:07
@Yahia - understood. Is there any logs or other stack trace / error messages i can get that would make this question easier to answer –  leora Dec 9 '12 at 15:28
Since I never had this problem I am not sure what logs/messages to look for... check the event log, if it is COM related it might be in there... do you have Excel on the same machine where you encounter this problem ? –  Yahia Dec 9 '12 at 16:00

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I got a similar error - in order to fix it, while in Excel I went to Options -> Add-ins -> Manage Excel Add-ins -> Automation -> and Selected "Visual Studio Tools for Office Design-Time Adaptor for Excel". Then restart Excel and (if you had the same issue) you should be good to go.

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Run Visual Studio as administrator. Helped me.

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Change Target .Net Framework to 4 or lower for older versions when creating the new project.

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