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I am trying to add an external plugin in ckeditor but it looks that I am not registering correctly my plugin and it isn' showing.

1.- I tried adding it directly to the CKEditor config file and it didn't work.

CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function(config) {
config.toolbar = [

2.- Tried adding it to the html file when initiating CKEditor and also didn't work.

var editor = CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor1',

removePlugins : 'forms,table,tabletools',
extraPlugins : 'msugetprop,msuforms,msutable,msutabletools,msumobile',

toolbar : 
    ['MsuForm','MsuGetProp','MsuCheckbox', 'MsuRadio', 'MsuTextField',         'MsuTextarea', 'MsuSelect', 'MsuButton', 'MsuTable', 'MsuHiddenField'],

3.- My plugin is under /ckeditor/plugins/myplugin with filename plugin.js

(function() {
var o = { exec: function(p) {
url = baseUrl + "/GetSomeData";
$.post(url, function(response) {
CKEDITOR.plugins.add('myplugin', {
init: function(editor) {
editor.addCommand('myplugin', o);
editor.ui.addButton('myplugin', {
label: 'myplugin',
icon: this.path + 'myplugin.png',
command: 'myplugin'

What am I missing ?

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forgot to add 'myplugin" under extraPlugins.

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