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I overheard another team where I work talking about blackberry development - they are having issues automating builds for blackberry. In particular there is an issue with certificate signing - they have not been able to figure that out yet - it is a manual step right now.

Granted, they/we are new to handheld development, but any pointers to build server and automating a command line certificate signing would be most welcome.

Specific examples and details are probably needed given the short experience our company has with BB development.

I assume hudson would work fine for this - we just have to figure out a command line for the build and signing.

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There are different ant & rapc tools for building BlackBerry project, and me myself prefer bb ant tools, but what if you really want to build bb app directly from cmd using only sun java and rim bb sdk?

BerryMore - BlackBerry JDE projects Build & Signing automation - custom ant-rapc jar
Dr.Dobbs BlackBerry Development: Using Apache Ant - clean ant + wtk

Build BlackBerry from command line

 "{eJDE path}\components\bin\rapc.exe" -quiet import="{eJDE path}\components\lib\net_rim_api.jar" codename={AppName} -midlet {AppName}.rapc [list of resources] [list *.java files]


 "c:\Program Files\eclipse_bb\plugins\net.rim.eide.componentpack4.5.0_4.5.0.16\components\bin\rapc.exe" -quiet import="c:\Program Files\eclipse_bb\plugins\net.rim.eide.componentpack4.5.0_4.5.0.16\components\lib\net_rim_api.jar" codename=SO45BgAnim -midlet SO45BgAnim.rapc "src\gifanimation.gif" "src\background.png" "src\SO45BgAnim.java"

See also:
CodeForFun: How to use rapc from RIM… dirty details!

Sign BlackBerry from command line

java -jar "{eJDE path}\components\bin\SignatureTool.jar" -a -c -p {password} {path to *.cod}


java -jar "c:\Program Files\eclipse_bb\plugins\net.rim.eide.componentpack4.5.0_4.5.0.16\components\bin\SignatureTool.jar" -a -c -p pwd@123 "D:\Projects\BlackBerry\TestApp\build\TestApp.cod"

See also: BlackBerry Support Forum - Request Signatures (Sign Your App) From Command Line

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We use BB Ant Tools and it works great, you can even specify the signing password as an argument so there is no user input required.

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It looks like there is some workaround:

http://blackberry.synclastic.com/blackberry-code-signing-tips/ (not working as 15/05/2012)

and http://blog.lightvoid.net/2008/04/28/automated-blackberry-sign-tool-mac-linux-windows/ (points to corporate onidev website as 15/05/2012)

This one looks even better -


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