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I have some code which basically grabs an event Handler which handles multiple events each handle method on IHandles handles 1 event.

public interface IHandles { } 

public interface IHandles<T> : IHandles
    void Handle(T message);

public void SubscribeHandler(IHandles eventHandler)
    var genericHandler = typeof(IHandles<>);
    var supportedEventTypes = eventHandler.GetType()
            .Where(iface => iface.IsGenericType && iface.GetGenericTypeDefinition() ==                   genericHandler)
            .Select(iface => iface.GetGenericArguments()[0])
    // Register this handler for each of the handled types.
    foreach (var eventType in supportedEventTypes)
                   Delegate.CreateDelegate(eventType, eventHandler, "Handle")

Now the first bit works but im not sure whether the Create Delegate part will work and if its the best way. Is it possible to create an Action ?

It may be better to get Subscribe to store IHandles instead of Delgate , but its nice to be able to just register disposable actions especially for unit testing.

public IDisposable Subscribe(Type t, Delegate delegate1)
    var key = t;

    if (!actions.ContainsKey(key))
         actions.Add(key, new List<Delegate>());


    return new DomainEventRegistrationRemover(delegate { actions[key].Remove(delegate1); });

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I'm sure you didn't mean t.GetType().GetHashCode(). t is already of type Type and therefore your key is always 37489757. Just use t as the key. –  mike z Dec 4 '12 at 3:59
ty was wondering about that and fixed but thats not the question :-) –  user1496062 Dec 4 '12 at 5:58
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Anyway i went with implementing the store as IDictionary and then create an IHandles from the Action ..

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