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I am building App Engine applications in Eclipse (Juno). When I tried to signin to Google in Eclipse, I am getting the message "Your cookies are turned off. Make it on". How do I enable cookies in Eclipse? My system default browser supports cookies no problem with Google signin. Please help me so that I can upload my application to Google's server.

Thanks in Advance, Sasi Krishna

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3 Answers

You did not receive an answer yet. But you can use a bat file to deploy an application:

appcfg.py --no_cookies --email=john.doe@gmail.com --passin update C:\Eclipse\workspace\yourappid < "C:\john_doe_his_password.txt"
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For me turning on cookies in Internet Explorer helped.

My default browser is Chrome, and I had cookies turned on, but I could not manage to login until I turned them on for IE.

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If you are running Eclipse on Windows, for some unknown reason to me, Eclipse uses Internet Options settings. So to fix the problem,

  • go to Control Panel -> Internet Options
  • go to Privacy tab page
  • set the security level to the lowest possible ("Accept All Cookies").

    (Note: donat3llo mentioned the same solution in above)

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