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I am trying to extend IPrincipal. What is the best way for storing extra properties?

  1. serialize them into cookie and deserialize it on each Application_PostAuthenticateRequest
  2. store them in session
  3. make a database request on each Application_PostAuthenticateRequest
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Could you show some of your code please? I'd asked a similar question a while ago, see if it helps :… – gideon Dec 4 '12 at 4:19

In my case I went with the first option, as it represented the easiest (and most efficient) way to incorporate the information into the existing authentication workflow.

I think your answer will really depend on the nature of the extra properties you are wanting to store.

  1. Storing them in a cookie could be problematic if the information changes frequently AND you have a lengthy cookie expiration period. In this case you may want to implement some logic for expiring a cookie.
  2. Using the session would be require you to refresh the properties you are storing when a request comes in following a session timeout - this is likely to occur more frequently than a cookie expiration.
  3. A Database request on each Application_PostAuthenticateRequest could prove inefficient depending on traffic, though doing so would ensure you always had the most recent data.
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