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Here's what I'm trying to do. I'm looking for a WYSIWYG editor or just a plain text-box that will highlight HTML syntax (in ASP.NET). Basically, we have a CMS that allows you to mess with templates for various pages, but right now all of the editable HTML is in a plain, ugly, text box. Does anyone know of an editor that will highlight the synax and allow you to edit it? I've checked out Antipro SyntaxEditor, which seems to be a good highlighting solution, but it's just a highlighter, and not an editor.


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You may need to combine tools. For example, SO combines Markdown with Google Prettify which handles the actual syntax highlighting.

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Another option is CKeditor and they offer open source licensing.

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I use FreeTextBox on my dasBlog site. It seems to work pretty well and has the capabilities you're asking for.

Hmm... the version on my own site has a button the toolbar to do syntax highlighting, but that button isn't shown on any the demos available at the link I have gave you. Just know that it does work, but that you may have to play with the configuration some to get that working.

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