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Is there any way to convert an flv file to mp4 with the elst box atom. I used ffmpeg to convert an flv file to mp4, it worked fine. But i specifically want elst atom box to be present in the mp4 file.

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If I don't sets one of the following flags atoms edts and elst appear in the file by default

ffmpeg -i InputFileName -movflags [frag_custom | frag_keyframe | empty_moov] Output.mp4

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I believe that if you use ffmpeg -ss ... -t ... the result will have an elst atom. The times can be zero and the actual duration of your stream (so the extra options have no other effect).

However, ffmpeg does not have very good support for producing streams like this, if you need better control over it you might want to use MP4Box from GPAC.

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