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require 'sinatra'
get '/' do
  erb :index


        <p>Hello World</p>


Errno::ENOENT at /
No such file or directory - .../app/controllers/views/index.erb

How do I configure erb to look into app/views instead of app/controllers/views?

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You can achieve this by adjusting the configuration settings. Since you are using non-standard settings, you need to tell Sinatra what the actual root of your app is and where to find the views. At the top of your app/controllers/app.rb file add:

# sets root as the parent-directory of the current file
set :root, File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), '..')
# sets the view directory correctly
set :views, { File.join(root, "views") } 

You can read more about Sinatra configuration options in the Sinatra Documentation.

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set :views, { File.join(root, "views") }


Edit: Evidently that does nothing, heh. It would probably be best to have a file in app/ that requires your controllers:

Dir.glob("controllers/*.rb").each { |r| require_relative r }

Then, app/views will be the default views directory.

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Ah thanks. Didn't know erb searches in the :views directory. – DumpHole Dec 4 '12 at 5:17
This will fail because Sinatra sees the root directory as app/controllers and thus will look for the views directory under that path. – Paul Simpson Dec 4 '12 at 5:21

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