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I published my winform application in my server using clickonce. after that i downloaded and installed that in five windows 7 systems. And also tried in one windows xp system. First it installed correctly. After publishing the updated version its not automatically updating in xp but it got updated in win7. in browser its showing the older version number in xp.but showing the correct version in win7. we have tried with following commands which works first and but not again.

mage -cc

Is there any solution for this problem? please help...

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I had like this issue before, it was because of firewall caching, is the xp system on the same network as the 7 ones ? –  Adel Khayata Dec 4 '12 at 7:09
may be some times in the same network. –  ManjuVijayan Dec 4 '12 at 7:13

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I would try enabling enhanced logging for ClickOnce to see what's going on on the XP machine. Also, are you saying you are running "mage -cc" and reinstalling the application, and it still installs the old version? Have you tried deleting the \apps\2.0 folder under the user's cache? If you do that and reinstall, and you still get the old version, then double-check the version number in the deployment manifest (.application file) at the installation link. If that is right, then you must be having some kind of caching problem accessing the deployment.

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