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I have hosted my application on third party hosting service where I don't have MYSQL console where I can change lower_case_table_names variable.
In my php application SQL in mixed case (some time sample & some time SAMPLE)
I run query
SELECT * FROM sample;
It works fine but when I run this
It generate error that #1146 - Table 'dbmma.SAMPLE' doesn't exist.
How can I resolve it? and I think It is not feasible to change all SQL statement in my application.
Can I make change of SQL case-insensitive from PHPMYADMIN if yes then how?
Does storage engine affect on SQL case-sensitive? I have use InnoDB. Thanks

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No. Case-sensitivity is a server setting; if you do not have access to the MySQL server configuration files (which it does not sound like you do), you cannot change it.

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