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uI have an application that is clustered in a 2+2 setup where 2 machines are used in alpha product phase, and the other two are used for real customers. all machines are looking at the same database, I need a job to run at midnight for each of the groups. one of the two alpha machines should get a job, and the other two should get another job.

I'm using Spring 3.0.5 with Quartz 1.8.5 with the following properties


<bean id="quartzPropertiesFactoryBean" class="com.liveperson.kwo.quartz.QuartzPropertiesFactory">
    <constructor-arg value="AUTO"/>
    <constructor-arg value="MY_CLUSTER"/>
    <constructor-arg value="JobStoreTX"/>
    <constructor-arg value="StdJDBCDelegate"/>
    <constructor-arg value="true"/> //isClustered
    <constructor-arg value="false"/> //useProperties

<bean name="runJobBean" class="org.quartz.JobDetail">
    <property name="name" value="${quartz.job.name}"/>
    <property name="jobClass" value="CLASS1"/>
    <property name="group" value="JOB-for-${quartz.job.name}"/>
    <property name="jobDataMap">
        <bean class="org.quartz.JobDataMap">

<bean name="schedulerFactoryBean" class="org.springframework.scheduling.quartz.SchedulerFactoryBean">
    <property name="quartzProperties" ref="quartzPropertiesFactoryBean"/>

    <property name="dataSource" ref="mySqlConnectorBean"/>
    <property name="overwriteExistingJobs" value="true"/>
    <property name="jobDetails">
            <ref bean="runJobBean"/>
    <property name="triggers">
            <ref bean="cronTriggerBean"/>

I define two jobs, one for alpha and another for production throw the phase property, and the problem I'm having is that the job I define for alpha phase runs on the node defined to production, how can I make the job defined for the alpha phase run only on machines defined for alpha?


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