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Hi I have been working in SugarCRM and I have created a custom module and added a custom php file to that module. I need to display all the roles available to users to be displayed in the custom php page.

I have looked in to getAllRoles() function and ACLRole::getAllRoles(boolean $returnAsArray=false);

Can any one support me in creating these functions to work?

(Please answer only if you know the answer and do not close the question with false reasons)

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You can easily get all Roles that aren't deleted, you will find the method in /modules/ACLRoles/ACLRole.php. It will return either an array of array representations of acl roles or an array of ACLRoles.

The query is:

'SELECT acl_roles.* FROM acl_roles WHERE acl_roles.deleted=0 ORDER BY name';

Try this code:

$roles = array();
$roles = ACLRole::getAllRoles(true);

Hope that helps.

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