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I have a couple of projects in Eclipse on Mac OS 10.8.2, an Android project and a Java project. Everything was working fine and dandy. As I wanted to set up a desktop UI for the Java project, I downloaded the SWT plugins from the Eclipse plugin installer (the UI Toolkit couldn't find the repository). Everything went fine, I restarted Eclipse...and it now acts like it has no idea what any format is. Every single file in each project is read as plain text right down to the .classpath files. There's no option for anything but a plain text editor. The package browser is nonexistent as the navigator only shows the basic folder hierarchy. Nothing runs as there is only a "Run Configurations" from the Run menu. It's like Eclipse somehow forgot about every language/API it's supposed to have by default, not to mention other plugins that have been installed except for Maven/Mylyn for some odd reason. I hope there's some way to fix this without uninstalling and setting everything back up again...

I'm on Eclipse Juno and it's the latest version with only a few minor updates available. A new workspace doesn't help. I only get the minimum of options, no new Java projects possible, nothing more than generic files able to be created.

Couldn't fix it, so I threw the whole mess out and reinstalled. Pain in the neck, but everything is working again in the same workspace and SWT installed properly this time.

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What happens when you start Eclipse against a brand new workspace? – Isaac Dec 4 '12 at 6:21
Eclipse version? – Nicu Stiurca Dec 4 '12 at 6:21

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