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I've setup an Apache web server with mod_wsgi, and have successfully modified the basic_project of DjangoBB to be called from Apache under the site's /forum/ subtree. The problem I have is that the WSGI app receives (correctly) URLs without the /forum/ prefix, but produces URLs in the result pages that do not have any prefix.

Example of the issue: opening http://site/forum/ brings up the start page of the DjangoBB forum; the Log In link points to http://site/account/signin/ instead of the desired http://site/forum/account/signin.

How can I make all URLs produced by the DjangoBB app to include a custom prefix (/forum/ in my case) ?

UPDATE (as requested):

The part of httpd.conf that configures the project for use under WSGI:

WSGIPythonPath /var/www/forum:/var/www/forum/xforum:/var/www/forum/venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages
WSGIScriptAlias /forum /var/www/forum/xforum/wsgi.py

<Directory /var/www/forum/xforum>
<Files wsgi.py>
Order deny,allow
Allow from all

Note that, without including both the project dir (…/forum/xforum) and its parent (…/forum), the WSGI app didn't work correctly.

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It would help if you pasted your Apache wsgi configuration. Does the prefix disappear for any Django application or just for DjangoBB? For correctly written Django apps, prefixed urls should Just Work as long as SCRIPT_NAME is setup correctly. –  Björn Lindqvist Dec 4 '12 at 10:15
Well, I know about FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME in settings.py, not SCRIPT_NAME, and the issue was I was missing an initial slash in it: FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME= 'forum'. I changed that into '/forum' and it worked. Thanks for your comment. –  tzot Dec 4 '12 at 11:55
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In settings.py of the project, the FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME should be the prefix of the project's URLs beginning with a slash (/):

In my case, it should be:

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