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Some strange issue is popping up while trying to deploy a solution in sharepoint.

Error occurred in deployment step 'Retract Solution': Feature 'GUID' is not activated at this scope.

I am able to build and rebuild, but when trying to deploy, the above shown error is raised.

while trying to retract, the error raised is

Feature 'GUID' is not activated at this scope.

It all happend suddenly..... It was working perfectly till yesterday!!!....

How do i find out whether the feature with ID is activated? also How do i activate the feature?

Thanks in advance....

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Retract and then install the solution again using 'SharePoint 2010 Management Shell' Install-SPSolution –Identity SharePointProject2.wsp –WebApplication -GACDeployment.

Follow http://www.dotnetmafia.com/blogs/dotnettipoftheday/archive/2009/12/02/adding-and-deploying-solutions-with-powershell-in-sharepoint-2010.aspx for proper syntax. Once it run without error confirm that the required features are activated in the site collection.

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Please ensure Features are activated. please follow Go to site setting.Then select manage site features in site action. Then activate that particular feature hopes it works .

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I had the same issue, the account I was using to deploy from visual studio wasn't a site ower. Once I added the account as site owner, It deployed fine.

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