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I have a aspx page which I am showing inside a javascript pop up like this.

when client side button clicked in the parent page, javascript fires to display the pop up.

function shoeColOptions() {

    var saveColPref = document.getElementById("hdnSaveColPref").value;
    var colResult = window.showModalDialog("ColumnPreference.aspx?prefPattern=" + saveColPref, "Select Columns", 'center:yes; dialogWidth:600px; dialogHeight:250px; location:no; edge:raised; help:no; resizable:no; scroll:no; status:no; statusbar:no; toolbar:no; menubar:no; addressbar:no; titlebar:no;');

    if ((colResult != "") && (colResult != "undefined")) {

        var hdnCol = document.getElementById("hdnColPref");
        hdnCol.value = colResult;
        return true;
    else {
        return false;


there are some code to populate few drop down lists in the Page_Load event in the aspx page.

The problem is, the page load event in the ColumnPreference.aspx page fires only the first time. if I close the pop up and open it again, the Page_Load event does not fire, hence the drop down lists in the pop up is not updated.

What could be the problem?

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For your understanding Please note that PageLoad() will trigger only when the page post back. If your button click event not post back the page then Pageload() method not to be call.

Please share your PageLoad() code So that I can improve my answer.

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Hi Dhana, the button click javascripts loads a model dialog window inside which my aspx page is being loaded. The button is in the parent page. The load event I am concerned about in in the child page. The page load event should autometically fire every time the pop up opens is not it? –  Manas Saha Dec 4 '12 at 8:31

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