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Recently I would like to move my dev env into my company's standard virtual XP without internet connection. But my Scala dev env is broken. I test ScalaIDE from typesafe by unzip and copy into virtual XP. And, I tried install scala plugins on a pure Eclipse and copy it into that virtual XP. Both of these two approaches were broken. Anyone know why? My notebook with internet run ScalaIDE very well. I have test in a virtual XP with internet , thru virtualbox. The ScalaIDE works well. But in that virtual XP without internet, it seems that all scala plugins are disappear from Eclipse but files in plugins/features. I can't open Scala perspective, can't fint scala in preferences. What happens?


[update] the TypeSafe's ScalaIDE can't run in an environment without any networks, intranet or internet.

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From what I gather of your question, you have an installation problem rather than a build problem. Building may be problematic if you have dependencies that are unavailable offline, but installing Scala IDE should work.

The Scala-IDE website offers a zipped update site for download for every release. The direct URL for the latest version is here.

You need to make this file available to the offline OS you're using. If you unzip it, you should be able to point to the decompressed result as a local update-site and choose the plugins you may want to install. More simply, you can also try to drag and drop that zip into the installation dialog of Eclipse.

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