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I am including prototype.js in my tpl file and it is causing error as follows

TypeError: $("#dcmenu") is null

When I comment out the prototype.js file the menu is working well. Since i need this file to declare some classes and sugarCRM includes some javascript libraries and Jquery by default how can these two work parallel without conflicting. Jquery's noConflict() will not be useful since other pages does not include the prototype file.

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I don't think prototype.js has the same noConflict option like jQuery has, per other discussions like this...

jQuery and prototype.js conflict, how to keep jQuery as $?

Any reason why you need to use prototype.js?

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Ohh it was used in a Module that we created way back and now we are Loading that module in the Newer version of sugar and since sugar includes jquery now, so our prototype is conflicting. –  HardCode Dec 5 '12 at 5:24

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