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I have installed Metrics Plguin 1.3.8 in eclipse 3.7 indigo.After intalling and giving my system a restart I cant see any Metrics option in Project properties.

Any one have any idea on this.

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What does the Eclipse Error View mentions? Metrics2 (metrics2.sourceforge.net) is for Eclipse3.5 or 3.6, not sure about 3.7 though. –  VonC Dec 4 '12 at 7:46
There is no error coming in logcat.EVen I have installed Metrics 1.3.6.I got the same problem. I have gone through source forge(sourceforge.net/projects/metrics2/forums/forum/1024529/topic/…) for error but unluckly there is no soluation for this. –  john Dec 4 '12 at 9:14

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When you right-click the project to open its properties, make sure you are in the Package Explorer view. It doesn't work if you are in Project Explorer.

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Tried it already..not working –  john Jan 19 '13 at 15:03

I had the same problem with Eclipse Juno and metrics 1 (1.3.6) .

After a few Eclipse upgrade and theming, the metrics doesn't work anymore. It was just showing the calculation progression but it doesn't display the calculation results anymore.

After some net search, i found that http://metrics.sourceforge.net/ evolve into http://metrics2.sourceforge.net/, so i make the change. But, the metrics 2 (1.3.8) shows the same problem.

After a little search in my Eclipse workspace files, i found a directory named ".metadata". Then a sub directory named ".plugins". Then a sub directory named "net.sourceforge.metrics" with two files inside :

  • metricsdb.db
  • metricsdb.lg

So, after quitting Eclipse, i go to "MyJunoWorkspace/.metadata/.plugins/net.sourceforge.metrics/" directory, then i move the two files to another place, relaunch Eclipse, make a clean/full rebuild of my project from the package view. The metrics calculation results are now redisplayed. The dependency graph is also redisplayed.

The first step of version switching (metrics 1 to 2), result from my tests, and couldn't be necessary in all cases. Try first to move the two files.

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